A copy of our booking terms and conditions can be found here...

1.      Cloudbase means Cloudbase Paragliding Ltd and/or Cloudbase Trading Ltd.

2.      Instructor means anyone employed or sub-contracted or otherwise appointed by Cloudbase to undertake any form of paragliding or paragliding-related training, tuition, instruction, guiding, advising or coaching.

3.      CFI means the Chief Flying Instructor of Cloudbase.

4.      Duty Instructor means the instructor appointed in charge of training on a training day.

5.      Taster Days, EP and CP Courses mean courses of instruction following the BHPA syllabus as described on the BHPA website and within the BHPA Student Handbooks.

6.      Taster Day and Tandem bookings are valid for six months from the date of booking. EP and CP courses are valid for six months from the first day of training.

7.      Training may consist of flying, classroom/outdoor lectures and briefings (ground school) and examinations and may take place over full or part days dependent upon many different factors including but not limited to weather conditions, student fitness, ability and confidence, the availability of suitable sites and safety factors such as site congestion. The number of days in total taken to complete a course can therefore vary but is typically 2 to 3 for EP and 5 to 8 for CP.

8.      Cloudbase reserves the right to charge an additional fee at its discretion should a student fail an exam or fail to complete training to an acceptable level in a reasonable number of days. In such a case, the CFI will advise the student of this situation as soon as possible.

9.      Cloudbase further reserves the right to advise a student if, in the opinion of the CFI, he/she is unsuitable to continue training for any reason. In such circumstances the CFI may decline to train the student and no refund will be due.

10.   All training must be paid for in full in advance. Refunds will only be offered if a student has booked his/her first booking within six weeks of the purchase date and has had 12 or more bookings cancelled because of bad weather during the six month voucher limit. Cloudbase and the student will mutually agree a date, time and meeting point for training by email, telephone, text, Skype or other method as may be available at the time. Once booked, Cloudbase may change, postpone or cancel the arranged date, time or location of training for any reason and will make reasonable endeavours to notify the student.

11.   Students must arrive at the appointed place at the notified time. Failure to do so within 30 minutes of the agreed time may result in a cancellation of that dayís training and no refund will be given.

12.   A student must give as much notice as possible should they wish to cancel or amend a booking. Giving less than 12 hours notice may result in the loss of booking and no refund will be issued.

13.   The minimum age for Taster Days is 14. The minimum age for other courses is 16. Students under 18 years of age must bring a signed letter of consent from their parent or guardian. A parent or guardian must be present during training of a student under 16 years.

14.   All persons paragliding in the UK must be members of the BHPA. Membership is included for the Taster Day and Tandem Flights. For EP and CP courses it can be arranged on the day of training.

15.   For conversions, endorsements, Post Graduate training or for foreign students requiring UK qualifications, students must produce documentary evidence of appropriate, relevant membership, flying experience (log book) and insurance. If this is not produced then Cloudbase may require the student to take and pay for the BHPA day training membership or equivalent at the price in force on the day.

16.   Paragliding can be a dangerous sport. Cloudbase will take all reasonable efforts to reduce the risk of an accident. Accidents can happen even within the training environment.

17.   Cloudbase will use its own equipment or the studentís own equipment to train a student as applicable. Where a student wishes to use their own equipment Cloudbase reserves the right to refuse to train a student should it determine that equipment is unfit for purpose.

18.   When a student has achieved the BHPA UK CP rating he/she is considered by Cloudbase to be fully responsible for making their own decisions in relation to paragliding.

19.   It is illegal to be in control of any aircraft, including paragliders, when intoxicated by alcohol or drugs. Cloudbase reserves the right to refuse instruction or terminate instruction if at any time the instructor considers a student to be unfit or his/her conduct unsafe.

20.   When training with Cloudbase, the Duty Instructorís decision is final.