Cloudbase Flying Trips 2020/21

Here at Cloudbase we pride ourselves in providing exciting and educational flying courses and tours to some of the best flying areas in the world.
We run courses ranging from basic student training right through to cross country and adventure flying, and SIV training for all post CP pilots.

All our courses and trips are run with a minimum of two experienced BHPA senior instructors, ensuring that you receive the best training and guidance possible. On the cross country trips we use gps trackers for safety and debriefing, and air conditioned buses for travel and retrieves. We also utilise the services of local guides, who ensure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently.

We have been running flying trips all over the world for over twenty years, and as well as quality flying, we ensure that you have an enjoyable and unforgettable trip.

CP Student/CP+ Course Greece 2nd - 9th May and 3rd - 10th Oct 2020

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SIV/Pilotage Course Lake Ioannina, Greece 4th - 11th July 2020

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CP+ XC Course Greece 26th Sep - 3rd Oct 2020

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Colombia Flying Tour 30th January 2021

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