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Colombia Feb 17th-Mar 2nd 2024

Viva Colombia!


Welcome to the Cloudbase 2023 tour to the beautiful and ever flyable country of Colombia. This is a destination that should be on every pilots wish list, not just for the super reliable flying conditions and the most stunning scenery, but also the wonderful people, the culture, the food and.....the list goes on! When the rest of the U.K. Is shivering or wading through more rain and floods, we will be heading off to South America where the weather is warm and the flying is second to none.


Cloudbase have been running flying trips and tours to Colombia for a number of years, and every one has been a trip to remember. The trips are suitable for post CP pilots with a little experience out of school, right through to seasoned XC pilots who want to get some winter distances under their belt. The sites are suitable for all levels, with smooth grassy launches and landing fields, and the potential for adventure is endless. We fly a number of sites, with an XC flight towards the new destinations on moving day, so you will experience the beauty and vibrancy of this wonderful country from the ground and the air.


We take a maximum of ten pilots only, and with two senior instructors and a local guide and pilot looking after the group, you can be sure that you will receive the best guidance possible. We also utilise the services of a local driver with an air conditioned bus, so when you land at the end of your flight, you will soon be met by a friendly face and a cold beer!


From the moment you step off the plane in Cali, everything is managed for you. We stay in beautiful Fincas or small hotels, with a hearty and healthy breakfast included, and with evening meals out being extremely cheap, you will not break the bank once there.


We are sure that you will not be disappointed with our Colombian adventure, and if you want to see what you will be getting up to, just have a look at the films from our previous trips......enjoy!




Whats Included

  • Transfers to and from Cali Airport

  • Transport for 15 days including retrieves from anywhere in Colombia

  • Accomodation including breakfast

  • Guidance and Instruction from 2 BHPA senior instructors

  • Flymaster live tracking and retrieve service

  • Evening de-briefs

  • XC Planning and thermalling practice

  • Flights using the tandem for those that need help on XC flying

  • Lots and lots of flying

  • Plenty of Salsa dancing


Whats Not Included

  • Flights to Cali

  • Travel insurance

  • Lunch/Evening Meal (all very Cheap)

Nothing to book at the moment

Video of our 2017 trip

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