SIV/Wing Control Course

Lake Ioannina, Greece

4th-11th July 2020

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

We will be running our SIV “Simulating Incidents in Flight"  (en Vol in French) Wing Control Course over the stunning Lake Ioannina, Greece from 4th - 11th July 2020.  The course is aimed at pilots wanting to explore the full range of their controls and finding the edges of the flight envelope.  The course would include, but is not limited to:

·        Big big ears

·        Finding the stall point

·        Pitch control

·        Symmetric and asymmetric collapses, at trim speed (hands up) and accelerated (speed bar)

·        Wing-overs

·        Tight 360s / Spiral Dives

·        Full stall

·        Spins

·        Dealing with twists

·        Any other fun manoeuvre you want to try

Prior to heading out to Greece we will ask you what you want to achieve and tailor the course to your needs.

We believe in running these courses at your pace and only moving on to the next manoeuvre  when you are happy. This is key to making the course a success and you a better pilot. Some of our clients are happy just doing big big ears and wingovers, whilst others want to go to the extremes by completing the full SIV course. The choice is yours; after all it's your course.

The week is divided into two elements. We check the weather at the start of your course and then make a decision as to when the SIV training will take place. We set aside 3 days for the SIV and 3 days for local/XC flying, either near the lake or at Mount Olympus.


What is included:

·        Collection and drop off at Thessaloniki Airport (collection would be at 22:30 and drop off at 19:00)

·        7 nights accommodation including full breakfast

·        All transport for the 7 days

·        Guiding and SIV instruction from 2 BHPA Senior Instructors

·        Life jacket hire

·        Rescue boat (plus driver)

·        Flight video recordings for evening debriefs.

What is not included:.

·        Flights to and from Thessaloniki

·        Lunch/Evening meal (although these are very cheap)

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