Welcome to our 2021
flying trips to sunny Greece

SIV Greece2
SIV Greece2

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Every year Cloudbase head off to the stunning and sunny country of Greece, where we run Club Pilot training, thermalling and pilot development courses as well as XC (cross country) and now SIV (Simulating Incidents in flight (en Vol)) courses. Staying in a family-run hotel on the shores of the warm Aegean Sea, we fly both coastal mountains with beach landings and inland sites on and around Greece's biggest mountain, the mighty Mount Olympus.....truly flying with the gods!


We stay in a hotel overlooking a freshwater lake with the launch site a short drive away from the SIV courses. A course would involve several days of SIV training followed by coastal or inland flying, depending on the time of year and the pilots' experience level.


You will be looked after by two BHPA senior instructors and a local guide and, as we keep the client numbers low, you will be in safe hands and provided with the best training/guidance possible. All transport is provided along with accommodation, including breakfast. Evening meals are at local tavernas or restaurants, depending on our location. They are inexpensive, and we can assure you that the Greeks eat well!

If you need any more convincing, have a look at some of the films from our previous trips......enjoy!


What's Included

  • Transfers to and from Thessaloniki Airport

  • Seven nights' accommodation, including breakfast

  • Transport to and from flying sites.

  • Vehicle Fuel (up to the first 100 euro per week)

  • Retrieves after XC flights

  • Briefing and debriefing of all flights

  • Two BHPA Senior instructors

  • Local Guide

  • Local Minibus Driver


What's Not Included

  • Flights (to Thessaloniki)

  • Lunch / Evening Meals / Drinks

  • Medical Insurance

  • Vehicle Fuel (after 100 euro has been used)