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Hike&Fly from the word "GO"

The world of Hike & Fly is expanding the boundaries of what paragliding is, and whom it is for. At Triple Seven we believe that this is a great thing, and we wish to make the ultimate mountain freedom available to even more people; by making our lightweight gliders super accessible, and also by introducing the D-light, an easy EN A wing made light (the S size weighs just 2.7kgs!!).


Official video


To Order 1-6 weeks



 D-light SD-light M
Number of cells2929
Projected area (m2)20.123.2
Flat area (m2)2427.1
Projected span (m)7.858.39
Flat span (m)10.2711.04
Projected Aspect Ratio3.063.06
Flat aspect ratio4.44.4
Glider weight (kg)2.7 kg3.2 kg
In-flight weight range (kg)60-8580-105


Triple Seven D-Light

VAT Included
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