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The EVO Cross series combines highest pendulum stability, lowest sink rates and fastest opening times in one rescue system. Thus EVO Cross is one of the most reliable available rescue systems. All major organisers of security trainings in Germany and abroad, who have tested EVO Cross, agree:

"EVO CROSS - the square of safety."

Another important detail regarding safety attributes is the fabric colour: orange is clearly visible in a forest, on a rock or almost every other surface.

Extremely fast opening - up to 40% below admissible value of 5 seconds

Close to notional specified minimum opening timeLow sink rate, up to 15% below required sink rate of 5,5 m/s according to EN 12491 restrictions

No pendulum movementsHigh opening certainty even in case of spiral dive or negative rotations

Very low system weight, achieved by using light, high tensile and well-proven material

Extremly high quality standards regarding material selection and manufacturing

Fabric colour: orangeCertified according to LTF 91/09 and EN 12491

EVO Cross

VAT Included
  • 100: max. 100kg
    120: max. 120kg
    160: max. 160kg
    235: max. 235kg

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