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Welcome to the wonderful world of paragliding, the closest you will get to flying like a bird!

Paragliding is an incredibly rewarding and exciting sport that is suitable for anybody with a basic level of fitness and a sense of adventure. Whether soaring above the local hills, flying up to the clouds on cross-country flight, or experiencing flying adventures in another part of the world, there is nothing quite like it.

It is, however, a weather dependent sport that requires patience, especially in out green and pleasant land! Paragliding is a fair weather activity and particularly during your training the 'weather window' is quite small and you need to be aware that just because the sun is shining, it may not be a good day to train.

At Cloudbase Paragliding we pride ourselves on providing top quality training, turning out well trained and competent pilots who are ready for club flying, rather than the 'sausage factory' approach of cramming training into a concentrated period. This ensures our students have a full understanding of theoretical subjects, developed practical skills, and are introduced seamlessly to the club environment that they are about to fly with. You will be flying at local club sites as well our private training sites and be introduced to the coaches and members, so that on leaving the school you will be able to join the your club without stress, as you will have all the knowledge and skills required. There is no substitute for experience and at Cloudbase Paragliding we will ensure you will finish your course with all the required skills and more. Most importantly, we will make your training fun and you will meet many other students who will share the experience with you.

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